1-on-1 Coaching (6 meeting bundle) $1,200.00
6 - 1 Hour phone consultation meetings. We will meet with you twice a month every other week or we can meet weekly if you wish.

We are very excited to have the opportunity to coach and consult with you! We recommend that we meet together over a course of 6 calls at the pace you feel you would like in order to move forward in your business and really get you on track. Typically we suggest weekly for 6 weeks or bi-monthly for 3 months.

Our meetings will be 3 fold: Evaluation (where you are), Planning (where you want to be), and an Action List (this is the homework and where we start the next meeting).

A one-time consultation is $250 but If you would like to go ahead and commit to meeting together for 6 calls, the bundle is discounted to $1200 (saving you $300!)
Total Price: $1,200.00
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